Cleve Wilson

"Where my client's needs are my priority."

If you are looking for a Realtor® with exceptional interpersonal skills, determination, and patience, Cleve Wilson is ready to work with you!

Cleve has been a real estate agent for 11 years. He has been with his current broker, First State Realty, LLC, for 10 years. He approaches real estate as a teaching experience while explaining what needs to be done and why. He has developed the ability to relate to other agents and parties to find common ground in negotiating on behalf of his clients.

Cleve grew up in San Antonio north side from the early 1950's, graduated high school in the late 60's and after college returned, married, and to teach in the same area. He knows every subdivision in the north side as well as every school. He knows the good areas and the ones to stay away from. He is keenly aware of values of homes throughout the area. He knows a lot about the local history and development of this part of town.

Cleve and his company specialize in first time buyers and new builder construction. He has contacts with many of the local builders and can always save buyers money when purchasing a new home.

Some of Cleve's awards and accomplishments include: his NAIA All-American Honor in 880 yard run in 1971. He was also a co-captain of the college track team. He has a double bachelor's degree in History and Education and a minor in PE. In real estate, he has a CRS designation for Certified Residential Specialist.

Prior to real estate, Cleve was a middle school teacher and coach for 25 years. Many of the skills developed as a successful teacher/coach are the same as a successful real estate agent! They both require a lot of patience, being able to relate to all types of people and their current needs and wants, having the ability to understand your goals and focusing on the process to acquire positive results, and paying attention to the details of the task. A successful teacher or agent must be able to convince the client that their best interests are primary in the relationship.

Once Cleve became a Realtor®, he started to realize that "things tend to happen in life for a reason" and all we as individuals have to do is; work hard, be diligent and dedicated, focus on what we can control. He knows not to get too upset over minor obstacles and events; most always work out for the best in the long run. It is really surprising to Cleve how true that statement is as you get more experienced in life.

In addition to real estate, Cleve has stayed active in the running community locally and trained both of his kids in distance running. Each of his children received local, regional and state medals in cross country and track racing; they also received full scholarships to college. He continues training kids, family, and friends in training to compete in local racing on the road, cross country and track. It is very rewarding for Cleve to give direction to parents and children in the sport which made such a difference in his life.

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Cleve Wilson, Local Real Estate Expert in Stone Oak Texas
Cleve Wilson

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